Telecare products

Telecare equipment is tailored to meet individual care needs therefore a flexible range of telecare sensors are available, which are detailed below

Ambient Temperature Sensor

Bed Occupancy Sensor (Virtual)

Bogus Caller Button

Chair Occupancy Sensor (Virtual)

Carbon Monoxide Detector

DDA Solution – Flashing Beacon

DDA Solution – MyLife Adapter

DDA Solution – Standard Pager

DDA Solution – Wrist Pager

Enuresis Sensor

Epilepsy Sensor

Flood Detector

Heat Detector

iVi Intelligent Pendant

Lifeline Vi+

Medication Dispenser

Minuet Watch

MyAmie Pendant

Natural Gas Detector

Passive Infra-Red Detector

Property Exit Sensor

Radio Pull Cord

Smoke Detector

Vibby Fall Detector