What is Telecare?

Telecare helps to manage personal and environmental risks associated with independent living.

It helps to give reassurance to individuals living alone, by letting them know they have 24/7 support, should they need it.

There are a range of Telecare sensors, that can be installed around the home. The early detection of risks enables individuals to live more independently and safely.

Telecare is most effective when it forms part of a person-centred package of care and support. It can reduce the need for wellbeing visits and additional hours of support where suitable. 

Each service user should expect to receive a Lifeline VI+ and iVi intelligent pendant as standard, unless specified otherwise during their Health and Social Care universal assessment.


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Falls in and around the home

A pendant will be issued for everyone who accesses the Hertfordshire Telecare service; this allows the individual to call for help should they need it. We also provide equipment that will automatically raise the alarm when a fall happens. There are several different sensors and wearing options to ensure we find a solution that best suits the person.


Getting up in the night

Equipment can be installed to support where there are concerns about getting up during the night. Some of our pendants can be worn during the night, so that the individual can get help should they fall during the night. Other equipment call help us identify if a person has got out of bed and not returned within a certain time-frame.


Difficulties summoning help

Some people with issues with their dexterity, may find it difficult to trigger the pendant that comes as part of the service, but we can provide an easy-press adapter to make it easier to press.

Leaving property inappropriately

We can help support individuals who are at risk of leaving their property inappropriately by providing equipment that lets the monitoring centre know if the property has been exited using door and movement sensors. This can be during particular times of day or night, and can help provide peace of mind.


Managing carer strain

As well as providing a range of Telecare sensors that will alert the monitoring centre when activated, we can also provide local alerts to inform a nearby carer. This means that carers can continue with other things in the home, reassured that they will be alerted should they be required.

Environmental concerns

If there are concerns about environmental risks, such as a fire, flood, gas or carbon monoxide, a range of environmental sensors can be installed, which will raise a local audible alarm as well as informing the monitoring centre.

Unaware of environmental temperatures in the home

If there are concerns about the environmental temperature in the home, we can provide equipment that can raise an alarm and support the individual if the property becomes too cold or too warm.

Challenges managing medication

Some people may have difficulties in managing their medication, and may need to be reminded when to take the equipment. We can set up reminders and provide a medication dispenser to support with this.


Unwelcome visitors at the door

Some vulnerable people may be concerned about unwelcome visitors at their door. We can provide a button that will raise a silent alarm to the monitoring centre; we can listen into the situation, and provide the person with the appropriate support or help needed.


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