Customer Satisfaction Survey


This year's Customer Satisfaction Survey highlights the great service that Hertfordshire Council, Serco, Tunstall and British Red Cross have provided to Hertfordshire residents in the last year.

The feedback has been positive overall and we are very pleased to be able to present the results.


Quotes & Testimonials

It’s such an incredibly wonderful thing you are doing, being there and helping a person through a time when they are probably feeling anxious and frightened.

It would be so much more awful for me knowing my Dad was on the floor on his own.

- Daughter of a Hertfordshire Telecare User

On Sunday, 12th May, I had a fall in my home and pressed my red call button.

I would like to say how efficient your service was. Within a minute or two my landline rang followed by my mobile phone being rung.

Being unable to reach either you obviously then tried my neighbour, who came round within a few minutes of being contacted.

I would like to congratulate you on your efficiency and how much I appreciate your service.

- Hertfordshire Telecare User

Thank you to the Response team for the help they gave me last night, a fantastic service.

- Hertfordshire Telecare User

If you would like to know more about the Hertfordshire Telecare Service, please contact us on: 0300 123 4042